Being isolated can be boring sometimes but it looks like

the perfect timing to awaken the scientist we all have inside.

What would the building in front of you say if it could speak?

To do this EXPERIMENT we are gonna need timelapses from all over the world.

In the best 50 videos we receive we are going to assign a musical note

to each window  and the notes will sound whenever the lights goes on.

And...voilá! A beautiful gallery of buildings playing amazing crazy sounds.

BuildingVoices definitely needs a timelapse of your amazing views.

Auca timelapse.png


Thanks for your video! :)


About me

This is Mar Jardiel.

Barcelona born, Mexico City based director and editor. A curious mind blended with fifteen years of editing experience in the film industry, TV, music and advertising allows me to tell stories with sensibility and detail. I also enjoy making personal experimental videos and independent music.
Recently edited the award-winning short documentary Symphony of a Sad Sea. (Ariel Winner -- best short documentary 2019, Berlin and Sundance Official Selection.)